Historic black colleges urge Obama to stop ‘helping’ for fear of going broke

His policies always make things worse.

Mike Pence slams status quo; reminds us what’s at stake if America doesn’t get behind Trump

“At the very moment when America is crying out for something new and different…”

Donald Trump Jr SCORCHES Bernie Sanders for Wall St. tweet with one significant question

It’s almost like Bernie was asking for it.

Here’s why Newt Gingrich is calling Trump’s RNC speech ‘a revolutionary moment’

After GOP nominee Donald Trump’s widely praised Republican National Convention speech to a roaring audience, longtime supporter Newt Gingrich is calling the address “a revolutionary moment.” Gingrich, […]

Massachusetts mayor proudly displays BLM sign; refuses to take it down even at urging of local police

“We strongly object…”

obama2 screen shot
Obama cracks a joke, laughs with media while discussing multiple dead in deadly Munich attack

“I’m sorry, I’m getting a little too personal.”

Restaurant in hot water for clever sign about Black Lives Matter – let’s just say, not everyone’s laughing

An Italian restaurant in New Mexico came under fire from Black Lives Matter activists after it posted a sign mocking the phrase. “Black Olives Matter Try Our […]

Pollster Frank Luntz makes bold prediction after RNC that will have Dems choking on their morning coffee

“Mark my words . . .”

Fox reporter discovers America-hating protesters have one thing in common–besides being uninformed

“If you challenge them…”

Donald Trump inspired a beautiful moment that brought one delegate to tears on RNC floor

No one saw this coming.

Liberals are fuming as rumors of Hillary’s number one VP pick ramp up

All eyes are turning to the Democratic Party as it is slated to begin its national convention in Philadelphia next week. With it come questions as to […]

Obama’s new best friend Putin bombed a US base inside Syria

20 British special operators were on the base just 24 hours before…

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