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Donald Trump inspired a beautiful moment that brought one delegate to tears on RNC floor

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During the Republican National Convention, Donald Trump made a bold move many believe will help widen the party’s tent and move it forward.

During his nominee acceptance speech, Trump mentioned that he, as president, would protect the gay community from an Islamic ideology that wants them dead.

Take a look:

The statements were unprecedented for a presidential Republican candidate during a convention speech.

This prompted one delegate in the audience, Katheen Burgin, to break down into tears, as she pondered what the gesture by Trump meant for the party and what it meant, more importantly, to her own life.

“I have a gay son with a husband who has adopted a beautiful baby and I know that in his heart, he feels that the Republican Party doesn’t embrace his lifestyle, but we do,” said Burgin. “We love him and I wish he was listening.”

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