Fox reporter discovers America-hating protesters have one thing in common–besides being uninformed

In the streets around the Republican National Convention, Fox News reporter Pete Hegseth came across some anti-American protesters and asked them exactly why they hate this great country. Their inability to clearly answer the question was telling.

Appearing on Fox And Friends, the Army National Guard veteran who served in Iraq, Afghanistan and Guantanamo Bay, asked one protester who claimed he was a U.S. veteran of Afghanistan why he was saying “F*** you and America.”

The man walked away refusing to answer.

Hegseth next asked another young man if he hated the U.S. so much, why didn’t he just move to some other country.

The protester couldn’t really articulate his reasons…

The black-masked young protester insisted that “America never was great” and agreed that he hates this country.

The man continued saying, “why would I go anywhere else, this is where I’m from?”

Hegseth was disgusted by the non-answer. “Why would he go anywhere else when he could stay in the greatest country on Earth where he has the freedom to do just this? Where cops that he claims are killers are the ones that protect him!”

Another protester rambled about how he’s privileged so hasn’t needed police protection, but couldn’t seem to explain exactly what that meant.

Hegseth found that none of the protesters were “as informed as you’d think a protester might be.”

But they also had something else in common…

“They have no rationale. If you challenge them, they freak out,” Hegseth said.

These weren’t the only clueless protesters in Cleveland for the RNC convention. One protester hilariously caught himself on fire when he tried to burn the U.S. flag.


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