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Black pastor rouses RNC crowd with “All Lives Matter” chant and sends social media into a tailspin

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The Republican National Convention crowd was fired up during an impassioned speech by an Evangelical pastor that set off a chant of “All Lives Matter.”

Pastor Mark Burns, founder of the South Carolina-based Christian NOW Television network, roused the crowd with a fiery message on racial harmony, calling on Republicans to come together to defeat Hillary Clinton and other “race-baiting Democrats.”

“Those Democrats will do whatever it takes to keep us Americans focusing on the colors that divide us and not the colors that unite us,” Burns shouted.

“I want to declare to the whole world,” he continued,  “that under Donald Trump and under a Donald Trump administration, ‘All Lives Matter!'”

As the crowd erupted in applause and cheers, Burns continued: “And that means, black lives! White lives! Hispanic lives! Asian lives! Christian lives! Muslim lives! Shout with me: All lives matter!”

The arena was soon filled with the sound of chanting “All lives matter.”

Video from C-SPAN.

It didn’t take long for the social media reactions to pour in, spurring many heated debates between users.

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