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Terror at German shopping mall, several dead, one or more gunmen reported

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UPDATE 4: German authorities have now confirmed nine dead. Some witnesses claim they heard gunmen shout “Alluah Akbar,” while other witnesses claim a gunman said  “I’m German’ and ‘f*** foreigners.”

UPDATE 3: Witness told CNN the gunmen intentionally targeted children and shouted “Alluah Akbar.”


Witness 2

UPDATE 2: German authorities have reported five people are dead and there are three shooters.

UPDATE: A second attack is is being reported and may have occurred in the past 20 minutes near the center of Munich. Police have confirmed they “don’t know” where the shooters are. Residents are being advised to avoid all public areas, according to CNN.

A horrific shooting spree has occurred at several locations in Germany, including a shopping mall and McDonald’s.

Despite having some of the toughest gun laws on Earth the gunman, or gunmen, were able to kill several people, CNN reported.

“I heard several shots,” Lynn Stein, who works in the mall, told CNN affiliate NTV. “(I) was just going to buy something while my coworker was still in the shop.

“People started running. I went outside as well; more people running outside. I think I heard more shots. Then it sounded like he went to the parking house next to the mall — several shots there.”

Police have warned people to stay away from the area as the situation is ongoing.

“At this time we have a major operation underway. Please avoid the area of the shopping center,” the local police department posted on its website.

The shopping center is near Munich’s Olympic Stadium, where Palestinian terrorists kidnapped, and eventually killed, Israeli Olympians in 1972.

Germany has had an open border policy in regards to Syrian refugees, much to the dismay of many Germans.

This story is still developing and will be updated as new information becomes available.

Video and photos below.

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