Tiffany Trump walked onto the RNC stage and captured the crowd’s heart with just one line

“Like my father, I never back down from challenges. So here I am, a little new to the convention scene.”

Donald Trump Jr. rocks the RNC by delivering one of the best speeches of the night

“Let me tell you something about risk. If Hillary Clinton were elected”…

Stop what you’re doing and watch Mitch McConnell DESTROY Hillary in convention speech

“Hillary Clinton will say anything, do anything, and be anything…”

‘Black Lives Matter,’ the KKK & Westboro Baptist tangle at GOP convention — here’s how that went

You can’t make it up, folks.

Libertarian Gary Johnson calls GOP ‘dying party,’ outlines why he’s ‘running against Trump’

Former Republican blasts Goverenor Mike Pence, too.

Melania screen shot
‘Somebody’s head is going to roll’ – Team Trump in damage-control mode over plagiarism charges

“Save my marriage” moment?

Obama calls GOP convention, featuring grieving Benghazi mother and a tribute to cops, ‘strange and outrageous’

President Obama is already trashing the Republican National Convention (RNC) before it’s even over.

‘My Little Pony’ starts trending on Twitter, strangely because of Melania Trump’s speech

What do Melania Trump and Twilight Sparkle of “My Little Pony” have in common?

CA governor-wannabe goes on Twitter rant against ‘sick’ Trump for supporting ‘torture’ of LGBT kids

“Taking them to a creepy office to be tortured…”

Mother of son killed by an illegal admits she contemplated suicide before Trump: ‘He became my hero!’

“Nobody was helping me. Nobody was listening to me,” Durden said, that is until she heard Trump speak for the first time.

Obama writes open letter to cops to tell them he ‘has their backs’ – then slaps them in the face

Sound about right?

Rudy Giuliani breaks a promise to Donald Trump during RNC Speech; crowd goes wild

“You deserve to know this about your next president.”

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