CA governor-wannabe goes on Twitter rant against ‘sick’ Trump for supporting ‘torture’ of LGBT kids

California Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom unleashed a Twitter tirade against Donald Trump, blasting the presumptive Republican nominee for lying to the LGBT community.

In an epic number of tweets on Monday, Newsom- who has his sights set on being the California’s governor in 2018 – gave his delayed response to Trump’s tweet last month.



The 48-year-old Democrat continued posting, racking up more than 30 tweets before his rant was over.






Newsom blasted Trump for his choice of  Indiana Gov. Mike Pence as his running mate.



And turned his wrath on the GOP and Trump because “your party wants to destroy LGBT families.”




Newsom then accused the GOP of allowing parents to abuse and torture their children.














Newsom was far from finished, however, blaming Trump for the entire GOP platform and claiming the real threat to the LGBT community is not “Islam/terrorism” but Trump himself, as well as the Republican Party.

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Frieda Powers


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