‘Somebody’s head is going to roll’ – Team Trump in damage-control mode over plagiarism charges

The debate over how Melania Trump came to repeat parts of a speech given by the first lady Michelle Obama at the 2008 Democratic National Convention rages on, but NBC News correspondent Katy Tur said heads are going to roll.

But not because of the potential impact on the campaign.

Tur has been covering the Trump’s presidential bid from the beginning and she said Tuesday an inside source told her the campaign is in “save my marriage” mode because a reluctant Melania Trump was put in a position to be mercilessly mocked after her speech Monday night at the GOP convention bore some striking similarities to Obama’s 2008 speech.

“Well this morning I’m told that she didn’t necessarily want to do this and that the campaign basically had to put their best person to help her with the speech,” Tur said. “They were putting somebody from the staff with all of the family members because this is obviously a big deal, the convention, it’s not unusual to have a staff member help write a convention speech.”

But the NBC reporter upped the ante when discussing the potential fallout from the end result.

“What I’m hearing is that somebody needs to stand up and take responsibility for this, that ultimately right now this is a ‘save my marriage’ moment rather than a campaign moment,” Tur said. “Somebody on the campaign staff, their head is going to roll because of this, because they did not take care of Melania Trump.”

The assertion suggests a flimsy foundation for the Trump marriage and there’s no evidence whatsoever of that. But rest assured, as in many marriages, when momma’s not happy few in the house are.

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