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Donald Trump Jr. rocks the RNC by delivering one of the best speeches of the night

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Donald Trump Jr. set the Republican National Convention crowd on fire in Cleveland Tuesday.

The eldest of the Trump children, he delivered one of the best speeches of the night, painting a personal picture of the Republican nominee as a father who takes on challenges with “that look in his eyes.”

“For my father, impossible is just the starting point,” he said.

The 38-year-old, father of five addressed renewing a hope in the nation.

“For the first time, parents no longer think that their kids will be as well off as we were. We’ve lost the confidence in our leaders and faith in our institutions,” Trump Jr. said. “But remember one thing: We are still Americans. We are still one country. And we are going to get it all back.”

He noted how his father is able to see potential in other leaders that “they don’t even see in themselves.”


Trump Jr. fired up the crowd by blasting the Democratic Party and their policies, as well as taking a few swings at presumptive Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton.



Trump Jr.’s speech seemed to be a rousing success at the RNC and earned praise from some who may not exactly be fans of his father.

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