REPORT claims Megyn Kelly admitted to lawyers that Roger Ailes sexually harassed her, too

Where there’s smoke, there’s fire?

Girl threatens to sue school if they don’t let her on the cheerleading squad, but it doesn’t end there

This is why the world is going to hell in a handbasket.

Michelle Obama didn’t invent the English language! Trump spokeswoman FIRES BACK


Taco Bell employee refused to serve a couple of cops. Yeah, she just got hers

“They, of course, thought the employee was kidding…”

Reports of a dozen GOP delegates stricken with nasty bug, ‘no handshake’ policy underway

What’s next?

You’ll never guess who’s accusing ‘Pokemon Go’ of being racist

Pokémon Go could be a death sentence for a black man

Chris Christie takes one for team Trump; spends morning dodging embarrassing insults!

Team Trump is going to owe Chris Christie another dinner for this one.

Paul Ryan says Trump is ‘not my kind of conservative’ — then lays out exactly why he endorsed him

“There are different kinds of conservatives, that’s for darn sure.”

‘Scared’ Cleveland college students react to cops on campus — wait’ll you see the school’s response

This takes “special snowflakes” to a new level…

‘New campaign rule’ . . . Dana Perino gives her unique perspective on Melania plagiarism fuss in one tweet

On Tuesday morning, Fox News personality Dana Perino took to Twitter upon learning that one potential future first lady’s speech may have been too similar to a […]

Obama admin AGAIN refuses to light WH in blue to honor slain officers; response will make your blood boil

It “would take so little and would mean so much to so many,” but . . .

Grab the popcorn and watch this video mash-up of MSNBC analyzing terrorism. No, really

Spoiler: yeah, it’s America and Israel’s fault