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Obama calls GOP convention, featuring grieving Benghazi mother and a tribute to cops, ‘strange and outrageous’

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President Obama is already trashing the Republican National Convention (RNC) before it’s even over.

He’s using it to fund-raise for Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump’s opponent in the 2016 presidential election, calling it “strange and outrageous,” according to the Washington Times.

“Given who they’re about to nominate for president, a stunt like that could rank pretty low on the list of strange and outrageous incidents we see this week in Cleveland,” Obama said. “This time, the Republicans are going to spend the week talking about building a wall on the Mexican border and banning people based on their religion.”

“They’re going to talk about policies that stack the deck even further in favor of millionaires and billionaires while claiming to be in it for the little guy,” Obama wrote in the email.

On the opening night of the RNC, speakers such as Pat Smith, whose son was killed in the Benghazi, Libya attacks, criticized Clinton and blamed her for her son’s death.

Meanwhile, three parents of children who were killed by illegal immigrants spoke, along with veterans like Marcus Luttrell speaking about issues facing men and women who come back from war.

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