Mexicans to celebrate Easter by burning Trump effigy

For Mexicans this year, Easter Sunday will be all about lighting Donald Trump ablaze. Literally. Artisan Leonardo Linares in Mexico City, Mexico, is set to make a papier-mâché Trump and […]

Affleck provides epic reaction to horrific Batman v Superman reviews – will be mocked for years to come!

Want more hot BPR News stories? Sign up for our morning news blast HERE It was one of those moments that inadvertently earned a place in Hollywood history […]

Gorillas’ annual Easter eggs hunt is a hoot to watch

The gorillas at the Cincinnati Zoo know how to get into the Easter spirit.

Cadbury drops the word ‘Easter’ from its chocolate eggs

Probably should have seen it coming.

Intruder ignores ACTUAL warning message at front door! Mom protects baby, pumps him with bullets

Have we confirmed whether the burglar is illiterate?

lee2 screen shot
San Fran mayor imposes travel ban, halting employee trips to state of NC, in response to ‘locker room law’

With America becoming more and more secular, religious liberty is taking a backseat to gay rights and nowhere is that more apparent than in San Francisco.

SS hookers
Italian city issues legal dress code for prostitutes

Want more hot BPR News stories? Sign up for our morning news blast HERE Just because prostitution is legal in Italy doesn’t mean there can’t be a dress code […]

Marquette screen shot
Conservative professor ordered to apologize for blog post or lose his job

A conservative professor at Marquette University has been ordered to apologize for critical comments he made of another professor on his blog, or else he will lose his job.

Former CIA director: If Donald Trump wants to waterboard, ‘he better bring his own bucket’

In a conversation on the state of the American intelligence community, former CIA director Michael Hayden said Friday if Donald Trump wants to waterboard terrorists, he’ll have to do it himself, as the CIA will refuse to cooperate.

Terror expert: If I’m ISIS, I would exploit Obama’s lame duck presidency ‘mercilessly’

If I’m the enemy I will exploit the lame-duck presidency of President Obama . . .

States ignoring federal ban against giving illegals Obamacare benefits: ‘We all pay anyway’

Taxpayers are subsidizing health care for illegal immigrants in counties across the country, despite a provision in the Affordable Care Act explicitly prohibiting government-subsidized care for illegal immigrants.

Vanity Fair lays out Trump’s ‘dark’ plan to win brokered convention – Steaks, anyone?

Indeed, this article isn’t for the faint of heart. “Safe-space” readers . . .