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Italian city issues legal dress code for prostitutes

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Just because prostitution is legal in Italy doesn’t mean there can’t be a dress code in place for those engaged in the business.

In an effort to make scantily clad prostitutes look more discreet, Salerno’s mayor Enzo Napoli introduced new laws in the city which has seen a rise in the number of sex workers. Prostitutes wearing skimpy skirts, high heels or “acting flirtatiously” could face fines for “violating urban decorum” reported the Daily Mail.

“Unfortunately, you can’t fine somebody for the intention to prostitute – which makes it difficult to counteract the phenomenon,” said a Salerno council spokesman. “Instead, we are encouraging police to fine indiscreet and brazen prostitutes for violating urban decorum.”

Hoping the new rules make the prostitutes less visible to tourists, the spokesman added “it’s important that we act to protect the reputation of our town.”

Though prostitution is legal in Italy, brothels and living off the earnings of a prostitute are not, according to the Mail. Some cities, like Rome, have set up “tolerance zones” where the workers are free to carry on their trade without fear of police action and other cities have tried creative measures like forcing the prostitutes to wear high visibility jackets.

It is not clear, however,  if women in Salerno who are not engaged in prostitution will also face fines for wearing high heels and short skirts.

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