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Vanity Fair lays out Trump’s ‘dark’ plan to win brokered convention – Steaks, anyone?

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In a Vanity Fair piece entitled “Art of the Steal: Inside Donald Trump’s Dark Plan to Win a Brokered Convention,” Tina Nguyen lays out the Trump campaign’s nefarious intentions to SS Donald Trumpactually compete and maybe even try to win a contested Republican convention instead of rolling over like a good little whipped puppy.

Indeed, this article isn’t for the faint of heart. “Safe-space” readers used to candidates playing nice and neglecting to compete with their opponents — aka Mitt Romney in 2012 and John McCain in 2008 — will be shocked at some of these scandalous Trump campaign tactics.

First of all, horror of horrors, the Trump campaign is going to try to win the 1,237 delegates outright by continuing to make his case to the American people. That may work, but even if he can’t win the 54 percent of remaining delegates needed, there are other and more sinister ways Trump can seize power.

That’s right: Just like every other active candidate, Trump intends to actually go after the 323 unbound delegates formerly pledged to candidates no longer in the race. If he can get enough of those, he could walk into the convention with enough votes to keep the second round, the circus that everybody in the media is literally foaming at the mouth to see from happening.

Should Trump’s “dark” plans fail and things do get a bit more chaotic, Trump delegate strategist Barry Bennett intends to really unleash the hounds of hell. “It’s every man and woman for themselves, and that’s when the negotiations start … It’s everything from, ‘Come campaign in our state,’ or ‘Do a fundraiser for a state party,’ or ‘Put stronger language about right to life in the platform’ … Or all kinds of crazy things that are important to whoever the delegate is,” he commented.

In an article where the title is just another example of the absurd media bias against the Trump campaign that continues unabated, Vanity Fair then proceeds to “safety assume” that the art of these deals will include such goodies as “helicopter rides, nights at Mar-a-Lago, or even some delicious Trump Steaks.”

That’s right folks. Vanity Fair thinks Trump Steaks could very well help determine the outcome of the Republican National Convention. Have stranger things happened before? Probably not.

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