Terror expert: If I’m ISIS, I would exploit Obama’s lame duck presidency ‘mercilessly’

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Dr. Sebastian Gorka, internationally recognized authority on national security and terrorism, said Americans need to be alert to terror threats that are imminent with Obama’s presidency winding down.

“If I’m the enemy I will exploit the lame-duck presidency of President Obama,” Gorka said on Fox News’ “The Kelly File” on Friday.  “So, every American needs to be awake and realize the threat is real and it is imminent.”

Gorka believes attacks will increase in the coming months as terrorists see the end of the current administration’s term as an opportunity to increase jihadist activities and radicalize individuals.

“If I’m inside ISIS, I’m going to exploit an administration that’s obsessed with social justice and with climate change,” Gorka said. “When we have a commander-in-chief who seems to be absent without leave, hanging out with Communist dictators or dancing in Argentina, I would exploit that mercilessly.”

Though America is not in the crisis stage that currently threatens Europe due to immigration policies and terrorist enclaves, Gorka warned that the threat to the U.S. is still very real.

“Remember, America is the number one infidel target for jihadis,” he said.

Watch Gorka’s comments in the video below.

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