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Video: Teenage girl fearlessly starts punching armed robber reaching for her cash drawer


Dramatic surveillance footage showed a gutsy teenage ice cream shop employee fighting an armed robber. Although the thief made off with most of the cash, the girl’s actions led to his eventual capture and arrest, according to local Fox affiliate KCPQ Channel 13. Rachael Bishop, 19, had worked at the Lynnwood, Wash., Baskins-Robbins for nearly […]

Veteran attorneys see possible criminal probe for Clintons based on new book


Each time former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton faces ugly accusations – whether it’s over her personal email server, unilateral destruction of emails or, now, a possible money-for-favors scheme — the Clinton team’s response is to “show me the evidence.” Two veteran Washington, D.C., lawyers say there’s certainly enough smoke to warrant an in-depth investigation. […]

Reporter nails Earnest on Clinton memo: ‘Forget Hillary . . . that doesn’t concern the White House at all?’


The temperature of the White House press room rose dramatically Friday, when a reporter raked chief spokesman Josh Earnest over the coals over Clinton Foundation donations. “We now know that some $2 million in donations that came essentially from Uranium One to the Clinton Foundation that were not disclosed at the time,” ABC White House […]

Hillary: ‘Religious beliefs’ have to be changed to expand access to abortion


Presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton said Thursday that “religious beliefs” will have to change so women’s access to abortion can be expanded. “Deep-seated cultural codes, religious beliefs and structural biases have to be changed” to give women access to “reproductive health care and safe childbirth,” Clinton said in a keynote address at the sixth annual Women […]

‘Tolerant’ left turns back on Bruce Jenner when he comes out – as a transgender REPUBLICAN


Bruce Jenner came out of the closet — as a Republican. Former field and track Olympian Bruce Jenner came out of the closet Friday as a transgender woman — and, even more surprisingly for some, as a conservative Republican. The left didn’t take the news well. “Yes, for all intents and purposes, I’m a woman,” […]

Romney ‘stunned’ by new Hillary scandal: This is ‘very, very serious . . . looks like bribery’


Normally diplomatic-to-a-fault Mitt Romney let loose on President Obama’s first secretary of state Thursday. “There is every appearance that Hillary Clinton was bribed,” said the former GOP presidential nominee. Romney told radio host Hugh Hewitt that the New York Times piece, documenting the flow of cash to the Clintons after Hillary Clinton approved a deal […]

Retired cop confirms midnight raids on Wisconsin conservatives politically motivated


Wisconsin is becoming a nightmare for conservatives — especially those who openly support its Republican governor — Scott Walker. What makes it worse is that those whose homes have been searched and personal property seized were told they’d be subject to arrest if they talked about it. But some brave souls are doing just that. […]

Speaker says House can subpoena Hillary’s server; we want to know what’s taking so long!


House Speaker John Boehner said Hillary Clinton “violated the law” by using a private server to conduct official business. The Ohio Republican indicated Thursday that if the former secretary of state doesn’t voluntarily hand it over, the full House may subpoena it. “All options are on the table,” Boehner said on Bloomberg TV’s “With All […]

Tom Brady says no to Obama’s White House invite while Patriots teammate wonders if president was ‘wasted’


President Obama’s jokes earned more than a few groans from the team members at Thursday’s South Lawn ceremony honoring the New England Patriots’ Super Bowl win, prompting one to suggest that maybe he was a bit “wasted.” Then again, maybe the jokes’ subject matter is still a touchy subject with the Patriots — “deflate-gate.” “I […]

Former Iraq POW Jessica Lynch: Islamists are trying to ‘take away what beliefs or faith we have’


In an exclusive interview Sunday with award-winning journalist Rita Cosby, former Iraq War POW Jessica Lynch, who was brutalized during her nine days in captivity, said she’s unable to see where anything will change the mindset of Islamic extremists. On March 23, 2003, Army Pfc Lynch was part of a convoy that came under attack […]