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Batch of Hillary emails just released exposes whose idea blaming Benghazi on video may have been

Hillary testifies

A batch of Clinton emails that were released Wednesday may cast some light on the source of the infamous “YouTube video” explanation for the attack on the U.S. foreign mission in Benghazi, Libya. Did the story originate in the State Department? The Pentagon? The intelligence community? No, no and no. It may have been a […]

Nation mourns female officer shot to death one day before maternity leave to care for premature newborn


The city of Omaha is mourning Thursday following the death of a 29-year-old police officer, shot and killed in the line of duty Wednesday. The officer was also a new mother who was scheduled to bring her prematurely-born baby home from the hospital Thursday. A mere month ago, Omaha Police Officer Kerrie Orozco was all […]

Bin Laden’s reading list made public along with al-Qaida job application


Newly-released documents taken from Osama bin Laden’s lair seem to indicate that the al-Qaida leader may have had as much in common with looney liberals, conspiracy theorists and corporate America as he did with terrorism. Among the English-language books, stored on PDF, are those one might find on any liberal’s bookshelf, revealing a disdain for […]

Cuffed suspect needs acting lessons; drops to ground screaming in pain minute he sees camera


A reported suspect in a Baltimore shooting is led by two police officers to a patrol car when, apparently noticing news cameras, he drops to the pavement as though he were injured. At about one minute into the video, the suspect appears to be walking without any difficulty. After he drops, you can hear him […]

Viral: Mom gets major kudos after shaming daughter, 13, straight for lying, sexing it up on Facebook


Denver resident Val Starks fought fire with fire Sunday by using social media to shame her 13-year-old daughter after catching her making sexually inappropriate posts on Facebook. WARNING: Some strong language. She posted a video of her setting her sobbing daughter straight. “Are you a freak? Do you know anything about being a freak?” Starks […]

Harf gets testy as she’s pummeled with questions about Clinton staff interfering with FOIA requests

marie harf

When a room full of frustrated reporters take turns asking the same question, it’s probably one that needs answering, but that didn’t deter the ever-dodging queen of State Dept. BS, Marie Harf. During Wednesday’s State Department press briefing, the Dept. spokesperson dodged questions on whether Cheryl Mills, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s chief of […]

US intelligence fully aware Benghazi attacked planned at least 10 days in advance


Watch the latest video at video.foxnews.com Even at this point, it still matters. U.S. intelligence knew almost as soon as the bullets stopped flying that the Benghazi attack was a deliberate assault planned to coincide with the 11th anniversary of 9/11, newly released documents show. The new information blows the lid off the Obama administration’s […]

Professor who made racially charged tweets in more trouble for what she did to white rape victim on Facebook


She likes to make fun of rape victims, too. The newly hired professor who made headlines at Boston University last week when she used a Twitter rant to attack white men as a “problem population” is back in the news after mocking  a white rape victim during a public Facebook chat in February. BU professor […]

Things get heated between sexes at CNN: It’s not because you’re a woman, it’s because you’re wrong

Marc Lamont Hill and TheBlaze’s Tara Setmayer

A pressure cooker exploded Monday during a debate between CNN contributors Marc Lamont Hill and TheBlaze’s Tara Setmayer over the suitability of a Clinton presidency. Hill claimed Clinton’s experience in the Senate and as secretary of state makes her highly accomplished.  Setmayer argued that all she has going for her is her last name — […]

Susan Sarandon blames Ronald Reagan for homelessness in most ironic way possible


Watch the latest video at video.foxnews.com Ronald Reagan hasn’t been president for more than a quarter century, but that didn’t stop actress and liberal activist Susan Sarandon from blaming the Gipper for America’s homeless problem in 2015. It’s all his fault. Really. During an interview on PBS’s “Tavis and Smiley” last week promoting “Storied Streets,” […]