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Fla. man kills neighbor, drives body to lawyer’s office in bed of his pickup


This could only happen in Florida. A Pine Island man shot and killed his neighbor, allegedly in self-defense, then put the body into the bed of his pickup truck and drove it to his lawyer’s office in Ft. Myers — at least a 45-minute drive. John Marshall, 52, appeared at the law office of Robert […]

Stupid man calls 911 to accuse wife of stealing his cocaine; and that’s just for starters


A Northeast Ohio man was arrested after calling 911 Wednesday night to complain that his wife had stolen his cocaine stash. “[Daniel Collins, 39] called 911 because he claimed that his wife stole his cocaine,” jail records said, according to United Press International. Police responded with an arrest — but not for the caller’s wife. […]

Democrats say they’ll protect John Boehner from conservative take-down: ‘We’re not stupid’


U.S. House Speaker John Boehner, who is under attack from conservative House members, is reportedly receiving support from Democratic House members. Tea Party conservatives, long weary of the Ohio Republican capitulating to Democratic demands, are reported to be contemplating a coup to replace the speaker with someone more in conformity to their ideology, The Hill […]

Ambassador fired citing email violations; 2011 State Dept. memo escalates Hillary’s woes


A 2011 internal State Department memo, electronically signed by then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton admonished employees from using private email accounts when conducting official business because of security concerns. Clinton had, by that time, been using her own private email account exclusively for State Department business for three years. Watch the latest video at video.foxnews.com The […]

Greta Van Susteren takes Obama to school on Iran deal — and shreds WH spokesman


Fox News host Greta Van Susteren went “Off the Record” Wednesday to give the “Constitutional law professor in the White House” a sorely needed refresher course in Constitutional law. Specifically, she reminded him that the Senate must approve all treaties with foreign countries, so any deal President Obama reaches with Iran with respect to its […]

Common Core rebellion: Thousands of HS students walk out over test


Two New Mexico high school students who organized what became thousands of kids to walk out of class this week appeared on national TV Thursday to explain why they did it — and describe the ugly reality that is Common Core. Watch the latest video at video.foxnews.com Students across the country are required to take […]

Watch: Hillary Clinton in 2007 said hidden emails ‘shredded’ the Constitution


Back in 2007, then-Sen, Hillary Clinton railed against the George W. Bush administration in a speech to “Take Back America,” for using secret email accounts, something she herself employed during her entire tenure as secretary of state. (The email remarks starts about the 7-minute mark.) “You know, that our Constitution is being shredded,” Clinton said. […]

Outrage erupts as de Blasio declares NYC schools will close for Muslim holidays


In the interest of “diversity” — and to the disgust of critics — New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio announced Wednesday that New York City public schools will be closed for the Muslim holidays of Eid al-Adha and Eid al-Fitr. This will add to the two Jewish and two Christian holidays currently on the […]

New NRA series challenges 2 trainers to turn female HS athlete into competitive marksman


The National Rifle Association’s exciting new series, “I Am Forever,” cross trains high school student athlete Reagan Tyler into becoming an accomplished shooter, using the very skills she employs every day. The NRA invites viewers to follow along, take notes and improve their own performance at the range. Fitness trainer Isaiah Truyman is no firearms […]

White House tells press Obama has ‘strengthened’ US-Israeli relations

Josh Earnest

White House press secretary Josh Earnest gave yet one more indication at Monday’s briefing that the Obama administration is quite possibly delusional when he told reporters that U.S.-Israeli relations have improved under the Obama presidency. “The relationship between the United States and Israel is one that has been strong for generations for a variety of […]