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White House won’t clarify if Obama meant that he sees Netanyahu the same as Putin


CBS News chief White House correspondent Major Garret questioned President Obama’s statement that his relationship with the Israeli prime minister was “businesslike,” given that Israel is the United States’ most important ally in the Middle East. When White House spokesman Josh Earnest confirmed that the president didn’t misspeak, Garrett noted that the only other world […]

Talking points 2.0: Republicans demand answers on Susan Rice’s Bergdahl BS

Source: www.standupamericaus.org

Republican members of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee are once again asking for emails, memos and other communications, which led to National Security Advisor Susan Rice’s talking points. No, not the one where she blamed Benghazi on a YouTube video: The one where she said Bowe Bergdahl served “with honor and distinction.” Rice […]

Gohmert unleashes on FCC chair: ‘You’re playing God with the Internet …That’s not your job’


U.S. Rep. Louis Gohmert, the Texas Republican firebrand, unleashed his hellfire on Federal Communications Chairman Tom Wheeler Wednesday over the “Net Neutrality” rules it passed late last month by a 3-2 vote along party lines. With that vote, the FCC essentially turned the free and open Internet into a utility subject to regulation — and […]

Where is Bob Beckel, now? Fox updates fans on ‘The Five’s’ missing co-host


Bob Beckel may have the ability to rile up his co-hosts from “The Five” in record time, but they all sent good wishes to Fox News’ most crotchety liberal after announcing he had back surgery on Thursday. Beckel fans began wondering what had happened to him early this month after continued absences on the show. […]

Fortune mag just put these 2 with the ’50 greatest leaders of 2014?’ ‘I’m going to be sick’


The editors of Fortune magazine must all be smoking crack nowadays. They placed two “voices for nonviolent protest” in Ferguson, Mo. as number 11 in its 50 greatest leaders of 2014. Among the business giants, pop stars, techies and religious leaders, Fortune included Ferguson protest leaders Johnetta Elzie and DeRay McKesson. The announcement drew both supporters […]

Bombshell betrayal: Obama outs Israel’s ‘secret’ nuclear program — just to jab Bibi?


The Obama administration is one of the least trusting and most secretive of any presidential administration in recent history — except when it comes to the secrets of our most important allies. The Pentagon quietly declassified sections of a top-secret defense document last month detailing Israel’s covert nuclear weapons program — information Israel wanted kept […]

Freedom Watch files racketeering lawsuit against Clintons for stonewalling on Hillary’s emails


Hillary Clinton’s email troubles have just gotten worse. A Florida-based political advocacy group filed a racketeering lawsuit naming as Bill and Hillary Clinton Wednesday over their to produce documents as requested under the Freedom of Information Act. In addition to the former president an the former first lady, the lawsuit by Freedom Watch names the […]

Commander recalls grim details of Bergdahl search: ‘The Taliban were baiting us into ambushes’

Lt. Col. Michael Waltz

Then-Army Private Bowe Bergdahl’s decision to leave his unit in Afghanistan and apparently seek out the local Taliban took an enormous toll on lives lost and resources redirected, the man who led the search for him told Sean Hannity Wednesday. Watch the latest video at video.foxnews.com Lt. Col. Michael Waltz, who wrote “Warrior Diplomat: A […]

Caught on video: Dem delegate’s botched DC parking job turns into fiasco, goes viral

can't park play

Veteran Washington Delegate Eleanor Holmes Norton not only can’t vote in Congress, she appears incapable of parking too. The 77-year-old Holmes Norton has represented the District of Columbia in Congress as a non-voting delegate since 1991, but clearly hasn’t mastered the art of downtown parking. Instead of parking at the angle defined by the painted […]

Megyn Kelly grills State Dept. spox on Obama’s Bergdahl swap; still think he served with ‘honor and distinction?’


Now that Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl has been officially charged with desertion and misbehavior before the enemy, was President Obama’s decision to give up five senior Taliban members all worth it? That was the issue when Fox News host Megyn Kelly grilled State Department spokeswoman Jen Psaki on Wednesday’s “The Kelly File.” Watch the latest […]