Consequences! College doles out serious punishment for snowflakes who stopped pro-police speaker


SG -Hammer
Video of ‘scorned’ woman smashing ex’s car windows with screaming kids inside goes viral

“I don’t know why this happened.”

Restaurant diners can’t believe their eyes when rats ‘fall from the ceiling’

“This is an extremely isolated and rare incident…”

‘Mommy, sit down. Party already started!’ Ivanka posts adorable after work moment with her kids

“Nothing better.”

Woman imprisoned for pretending to be a man while having sex

“No doubt that there will be a lasting psychological impact on her.”

MSNBC analyst tags Trump’s voter integrity effort as covert operation to sabotage 2020 election

Here we go.

SG-Utility Truck
Armed Florida man doesn’t play around when workers fail to move their utility trucks

“There’s a guy shooting out my tires, there’s a guy shooting out my tires.”

African robotics team goes missing after competition in Washington, D.C.

The six teens from the East African country were unaccounted for following the final matches …

Here’s how a stubborn Virginia restaurant worker gets fired: ‘I ain’t serving no police’

“This is such an eye opener for me …”

SG Poverty
Turns out, tax-funded anti-poverty groups pay their CEOs huge salaries

Six of the nonprofits spent a total of nearly $3.2 million on lobbying …

Fla. mayoral candidate stands by wild racially-charged rant over ‘Obama’s reparations’

“I intend to keep running and running and running.”

WaPo worries about how Somali community will react to cop shooting of Minn. bride-to-be

For an outlet concerned with police brutality, WaPo starts off …

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