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Woman imprisoned for pretending to be a man while having sex

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By Grace Carr, DCNF DCNF

A woman that pretended to be a man to get her female friend to have sex with her has been dealt almost seven years in prison, the Guardian reported Thursday.

Gayle Newland, 27, seduced her friend at the University of Chester by pretending to be a man online, using the persona “Kye Fortune.” The student wore a blindfold whenever they got together, while Newland wore a prosthetic penis to keep up the charade that she was a man.

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A Manchester court found Newland guilty of fraud and three counts of sexual assault via penetration in a retrial last month after she had already been sentenced to eight years in September 2015, but was freed on appeal, according to the Guardian.

The student told the court that she kept the blindfold on whenever they spent time together, which included going on drives, tanning and watching movies. The student maintained that, had she known Newland was a woman, she would not have consented to having sex, and the record stated that Newland was “an imaginative and persuasive liar.”

“This was a highly elaborate deception where Newland abused the trust that the victim had in her. She has been extremely upset by what happened and there is no doubt that there will be a lasting psychological impact on her,” said Gareth Yates of the Cheshire police.

A psychiatrist diagnosed Newland with gender dysphoria, Asperger syndrome, mild autism, eating disorders, anxiety, obsessive compulsive disorder and depression.

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