Surveillance camera catches horrifying murder in broad daylight outside a Brooklyn bodega

“There was a man sitting on the crate…”

Ted Cruz warns Republicans over Obamacare: We have to deliver now or we’ll look like fools

“Republicans have been telling the American people, ‘if you elect us, we’ll get rid of it!’”

Eric Holder tries to lecture Trump on the Constitution, but reality checks come back ‘Fast & Furious’

This guy’s got some serious nerve.

Dummy thugs vandalize cars in movie theater parking lot, share evidence of crime on social media

“This m–her f—ing video is called ‘Smash Cars.’”

Too close to ‘Kardashian clan’: Hookers threaten to bail when Bunny Ranch brothel owner offers O.J. a job

Everyone has their standards.

‘Over my dead body’: Palace intrigue over Bannon, Priebus explodes over Spicer’s shocking exit

“Somebody better check Bannon’s pulse.”

Obstructionist Chuck Schumer’s favorability tanks among New Yorkers in wake of presidential election

This should give him something to cry about.

Scary report on DNC coffers proves why Dems should NEVER go near a budget. RNC on the other hand…

More bad news for Dems for the 2018 midterms.

Odd moment Kellyanne Conway takes a mystery call during live ‘Fox & Friends’

“Are you talking to the president?”

ABC reporter recounts Spicer’s reaction when asked about Scaramucci appointment – not good

Spicer’s out. Now what?

White model claims she’s successfully ‘transformed’ into a black woman

“I have great news!”

Lawyer in O.J. case has a specific warning for Florida residents

“He’s a sociopath, And when he gets out…”

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