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Lawyer in O.J. case has a specific warning for Florida residents

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An attorney involved in the O.J. Simpson burglary case has a warning for residents of Florida.

Watch out.

David Wohl, a Fox News legal analyst who represented one of the people who accused Simpson of stealing from him, told Martha MacCallum that Simpson “poses a tremendous risk of harm to the public.”

Wohl believes that it will only be “one or two years before he’s back behind bars” after he gets back into entertainment.

Attorney Eric Guster disagreed and said he believed the parole board “did the right thing” in releasing Simpson based on the crime he was convicted of.

But Wohl said the danger to the public is significant, and that “it is only by the Grace of God that two more people, or more than that, weren’t murdered and OJ would have had another double murder cases.”

Wohl predicted that they would be talking about Simpson again in the near future.

“Don’t bet on that,” Guster said.

“This man is an exceptionally dangerous man,” Wohl replied. “He’s a sociopath, And when he gets out, I have got to say to the citizens of Florida, look out for yourselves because this is not a gentle man that has learned anything.”


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“How long will that parole last,” MacCallum asked after Guster argued he’ll have to be on good behavior.

MacCallum and Wohl didn’t seem too convinced.

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