Chelsea Handler offers ‘ONE’ word for ‘f***ing idiot’ Kellyanne Conway, then gives four. So, who’s the idiot?

Was that an attempt at humor?

CNN anchor mistakes ‘Star-Spangled Banner’ for French national anthem and her timing couldn’t be worse

Another embarrassing “oops” for the embattled network.

AG Sessions announces ‘largest medical fraud takedown in American history’

“They seem oblivious to the disastrous consequences of their greed.”

New video shows vacationing young American fleeing group of Serbian nationals before he’s beaten to death

Horrifying and tragic on every level.

Qatar Airways CEO SLAMS ‘crap’ American carriers; brags of young, attractive crew vs old ‘grandmothers’

…adding that their average age is only 26 years old.

Woman flung to her death by dangerous jet blast at popular Caribbean tourist spot

That particular runway was “very restrictive.”

Shep Smith’s snit fit over having to air camera-less WH briefing gives CNN’s Acosta a run for his money

Bunch of babies.

President Trump catches libs off guard with surprise move to help group of Afghan girls enter U.S.

“Wow. I’m shocked.”

Mystery revealed on how ABC hides George Stephanopoulos’ ‘little-boyish mini legs’


Spell check anyone? Hilarity ensues when Dem’s prop to bash GOP health care reform has a major flaw

“Why are these people elected?”

Maine Dem forced to apologize for calling President Trump a ‘pu**y’ and threatening physical harm

“…it was intended to make a visceral point about the devolving political discourse in America.”

Too stupid for sandwiches? NY Times columnist says it’s insensitive to take someone with ‘only a high school degree’ to a gourmet deli

“David Brooks: hold my sandwich”