Sen. Blumenthal proposes $500 MILLION taxpayer dollars for wounded soldiers – UKRANIAN soldiers

“Pure Democrat.”

President Trump’s harsh Sessions criticism throws Fox News hosts for a loop

“It’s possible there’s context there we’re missing.”

Sens dubbed ‘Obamacare Republicans’ take MAJOR heat as conservative bigwigs SLAM inaction

“You people in Congress — you’re pampered, you’re overpaid, you’re spoiled.”

VP Pence doesn’t mince words when he reaffirms bold campaign promise on Israel

“I promise you that the day will come …”

More corruption exposed? Watchdog group says US Postal Service let workers do Clinton campaign work

It’s a deep and murky swamp.

How close is Kamala Harris to being Donald Trump’s 2020 opponent?

Take it to the bank …’

Memphis woman sues doctor for twice calling her ‘Aunt Jemima’; says she was left traumatized

“I haven’t slept. I haven’t–I haven’t really been able to deal with this,”

SG Coulter-Twitter
Delta has the nerve to respond to Ann Coulter’s angry tweetstorm with a scolding. Her response …

  Delta Airlines responded to conservative columnist Ann Coulter’s Twitterstorm after she was bumped from a preferred seat designed to accommodate her tall frame. What’s worse, the […]

Unforgettable moment Wimbledon players challenge chubby heckler to play, make him wear white skirt

“I’m so insanely jealous of him. What a lifelong memory to cherish.”

‘So I can’t answer?’ Joy Reid forces CIA guest to shut up as she answers every one one of her own questions

This is a “rigged interview.”

Dying veteran’s wife sends out call to make husband’s last wish come true – and everyone can help

“It broke my heart.”

Priorities! Dem rep takes legal step against camera-less pressers in favor of media allies

“President Trump has displayed an overtly hostile attitude toward the press…”