New York restaurant’s controversial alcoholic drink limit on customers with kids has everyone talking

Customers who argue the rule are asked to leave the establishment.

SG de blasio -cowardly lion
Reporter compares de Blasio to ‘cowardly lion’ for fleeing angry 63-year-old Queens woman

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio was compared to the cowardly lion in “The Wizard of Oz” by a CBS reporter when he took action to […]

SG Stokes
Lawmaker urged residents to throw ‘bricks, rocks and bottles’ at police; cop’s home riddled with 30 bullets

There’s something seriously out of whack in Jackson, Mississippi. A police officer’s home was riddled with dozens of bullet holes in a town where a city councilman […]

NY Times writer declares walking white women racist, they won’t move when a black man is in their path

“So following his logic. White women must make way for him but he doesn’t have to make way for anyone. So that means he’s racist.”

SG Tapper-Scaramucci
Scaramucci handles Tapper with ease; says the leaks end tomorrow or he’s cleaning house

“I’m going to stop you.'”

‘Act like a grownup’: Drunk driver sobs when she loses plea deal by coming 4 hours late to court

It didn’t help that the accident she caused left a popular principal as an amputee.

Singer Lana Del Ray removes American flag from concerts because she feels ‘less safe’ under Trump

“I feel less safe than I did when [Barack] Obama was president,” Del Rey added.

SG Glenn Beck
Glenn Beck rips ‘true frauds’ in conservative media, says backlash for not backing Trump almost ‘made me quit’

While passionate about the things he believes in, Glenn Beck also has a tendency to sometimes get caught up in the moment and overreach. …but does that […]

SG Pirro
‘Don’t even go there’: Judge Pirro presses OJ Simpson attorney on gross accusation smearing Fred Goldman

With OJ Simpson soon to be set free, his lawyer is jumping at the opportunity to bask in the limelight. Attorney Malcolm LaVergne appeared on Fox News’ “Justice […]

abbey conner cancun mexico cause of death alcohol
Warning: Tainted alcohol served by 5-star resorts in Mexico is causing more suspicious American deaths

College student Abbey Conner died from drinking tainted alcohol while vacationing in Cancun, Mexico. That’s what her distraught dad, Bill Conner, believes after reviewing the evidence gathered […]

‘I would’ve fired her the day I met her’: Glenn Beck reveals more about Tomi Lahren mess

“I would’ve fired [Lahren] the day I met her in the hallway,” he said.

Scaramucci deletes old embarrassing tweets, Dan Bongino helps libs cope

“Hello, Anthony! You have accidentally been deleting your old tweets.”