Civil rights veteran likens giving 1619 founder a free speech award to firefighters honoring arsonists

Nikole Hannah-Jones, founder of the 1619 Project, was celebrated Wednesday night by the Roosevelt Institute for “freedom of speech and expression,” one of eight people honored in […]

Man wearing mask walks right into a Va. school, allegedly sexually assaults a female student

While too many school officials in America are consumed with protecting the sensitivities of those who suffer from gender dysphoria, few appear to be focused on the […]

Amy Klobuchar condescendingly tweets that ‘filibuster’ is not in the Constitution. Big mistake.

There is a constant struggle within the Democratic Party to see who can say the dumbest thing of the day. On Wednesday, Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) established […]

‘Stop lying’: Biden touts jobs numbers, slams Trump after rare fact-check from friendly CNN

Get the latest BPR news delivered free to your inbox daily. SIGN UP HERE CHECK OUT for best SWAG! Despite the economy being in tatters because of supply […]

Is the Biden admin starving our kids? Food supply shortage hinders Alabama schools’ ability to feed children

Is the Biden Admin starving our kids? If you swap the word “Biden” for “Trump,” this headline would be perfectly acceptable to liberals. In fact, it is […]

Jason Whitlock reacts to Jon Gruden’s comments that buried him: ‘I’m just not that fragile’

Sports journalist Jason Whitlock took to his own Instagram on Tuesday to share his thoughts on the outrage in the sports world over offensive, years-old leaked emails […]

‘Legitimately the funniest headline I’ve ever seen’: Business Insider’s Hunter Biden headline is an instant classic

Media outlet Business Insider decided to finally do a piece on the Hunter Biden scandal but equivocated all over the place trying to appease the leftist mob, […]

Florida slaps county with $3.5 million in fines for violating ban on vaccine passports

Unlike most government officials living on the taxpayer dole, Florida Gov. Ron Desantis so far has kept his word. The Florida panhandle county of Leon, which encompasses […]

‘Derogatory’: Demi Lovato says people shouldn’t refer to ETs as ‘aliens’ in latest gripe

In Demi Lovato’s latest call-to-arms, the world-famous pop singer declared the rest of us should stop referring to extra-terrestrials as “aliens” because, of course, it’s offensive. Offensive […]

‘The Five’ rips all-talk-no-action Kamala Harris after NASA video: ‘At least she didn’t sniff the kids’ hair’

On Fox News’ “The Five” Monday, the panel attempted to find some method to the madness of the Biden regime’s handling of the border crisis, having sent […]

McAuliffe throws ‘unpopular’ Biden under the bus talking political ‘headwinds’ in Virginia

Former Virginia governor and Democratic Party hanger-on, Terry McAuliffe, said on Tuesday that President Biden’s unpopularity is creating “headwinds” for his gubernatorial campaign in the state. McAuliffe […]

Democrats spooked by Trump’s upcoming Iowa rally increasingly anxious about a possible run

The overriding factor about Donald Trump, from a political standpoint, is the unpredictability that he brings — especially when the odds are stacked against him. While Democrats […]