Down in polling, Bill de Blasio whines to MSNBC that rival is getting ‘unfair advantage’ in air time

Bill de Blasio, of all people, seems to be complaining about liberal bias in the media. The far-left former New York City mayor reportedly claims that MSNBC […]

Anthem-kneeling Megan Rapinoe says sports come second in defensive stand for trans competitors

US women’s soccer star Megan Rapinoe evidently considers the defense of transgender athletes important than her career, showering fans with deep thoughts on life and the […]

WaPo’s Bob Woodward and the FBI’s ‘Deep Throat’: A tale of two reporters

Op-ed views and opinions expressed are solely those of the author. The Post’s Bob Woodward deserves inestimable praise for his October 1972, “garage reporting” on Watergate, aided […]

Skeptics have questions after Kinzinger goes public with chilling threat against him and his family

(Video Credit: ABC News) U.S. Rep. Adam Kinzinger, who is one of two squishy Republicans sitting on the Jan. 6 committee, is claiming he received a letter […]

GOP lawmaker who voted to impeach explains why Trump will be ‘hard to stop’ in 2024

(Video: CNN) One of 10 RINO U.S. House members who voted for impeachment 2.0 has admitted that “hard to stop” Donald Trump is likely going to be […]

All hell breaks loose over former MO governor’s ‘RINO Hunting Permit’ ad; Twitter quick to censor

The latest campaign ad from former Missouri Gov. Eric Greitens in his bid for an open Senate seat in the Republican primary drew massive criticism Monday from […]

Mark Levin says Biden blames inflation on everyone but himself: ‘Big Meat, Big Oil, Big Tampon’

(Video Credit: Fox News) Fox News host Mark Levin ripped into President Biden Sunday for blaming everyone but himself for massive shortages, the energy crisis, skyrocketing inflation, […]

Trey Gowdy questions why AG Garland is relying on Jan. 6 committee hearings for evidence

It’s not often that you hear a sitting US Attorney General confirm his television viewing schedule. It’s even less often when the AG announces that he’ll be […]

VP Harris joyfully tells Joy Reid of her ‘great joy’ over KJB nomination she watched with ‘joy’

(Video: MSNBC) Somewhere along the as Vice President Kamala Harris advanced in her career in politics, rising from the District Attorney of San Francisco to the […]

Un-jabbed NYC sanitation worker says ‘no reason’ for Mayor Adams’ vaccine push: ‘He’s extorting us’

(Source: Fox News) A New York City sanitation worker with 18 years on the job is trashing an offer by “uncaring” Mayor Eric Adams to rehire unvaccinated […]

Yellen says idea of federal gas tax holiday ‘certainly worth considering’ amid record high prices

(Video: ABC) President Joe Biden’s administration appeared to be adopting a “lo busy” strategy while effectively doing nothing to combat rising costs as Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen […]

Surprise! Dana Bash puts Adam Schiff on hot seat for not calling witnesses who ‘challenge’ Jan. 6 narrative

(Video Credit: CNN) In a “hell must have frozen over” moment, CNN anchor Dana Bash pinned a squirming Rep. Adam Schiff (D-Calif.) over why the Jan. 6 […]

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