Florida church goers thwart alleged kidnapping of two little girls when one mouths: ‘Help me’

Two Florida girls were rescued from a kidnapping in progress when alert churchgoers foiled the plot after one of the girls mouthed, “help me, this is not […]

Two massive lies: America’s problems are caused by Putin and white supremacy

Op-ed views and opinions expressed are solely those of the author. The Left is using the Biden presidency to disseminate two grandiose lies: (1) Putin is responsible […]

Should DC’s established, elderly leaders make way for fresh blood? Americans sound off!

As America becomes ever divided and people increasingly doubt the decisions of elderly politicos in D.C., they are sounding off over whether the reins of power […]

Desperate MSNBC analyst urges Dems to ‘scare the hell’ out of minorities and women voters

In a move that smacked of utter desperation, MSNBC analyst Cornell Belcher urged Democrats to “scare the hell” out of voters by warning them we could “lose” […]

Republican political contenders go off when Michigan AG touts a ‘drag queen for every classroom!’

Michigan’s first openly gay attorney general Dana Nessel believes there should be “a drag queen for every school.” During a civil rights summit where she spe about […]

Chicago officer mowed down when naked woman he seemed hesitant to detain steals squad car

A woman wearing little, if any, clothes who allegedly to off in a police car after grappling with a Chicago cop reportedly faces numerous charges, including attempted […]

‘OPT’ tax would unify America

Op-ed views and opinions expressed are solely those of the author. Three weeks ago, I filed two claims through my warranty company, Choice Home Warranty. Three weeks […]

Stelter ‘down to weeks if not days’ at CNN, causing internal turmoil at network, source claims

CNN host Brian Stelter may be in search of new employment if a recent rumor turns out to be true. According to Jon Nicosia, who has held […]

Crypto co. will PAY triggered employees to leave and never come back with new anti-woke culture commitment

One of the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchanges which is about to go on a hiring spree evidently has no intention of going bre by getting we. The […]

Christina Pushaw drops the mic on CNN correspondent’s rip against ONE state not following the ‘science’

Gov. Ron DeSantis’ press secretary Christina Pushaw smacked back hard against derision from a CNN correspondent who ridiculed Florida for not ordering COVID vaccines for little children. […]

NYC venue cancels debut concert for man who shot Ronald Reagan: It’s not a free country anymore

File this one under bizarre. John Hinckley, Jr., 57, just got his full, unconditional release granted on Wednesday. That’s good news for him—buton the same day, he […]

Boris Johnson’s father walks out of painful Piers Morgan interview: ‘You lured me in here!’

Stanley Johnson, the father of English Prime Minister Boris Johnson, brought an early end to an interview with Piers Morgan after the host asked repeated questions about […]

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