Neil Cavuto helps Trump prove he did NOT support the Iraq war – whips out 2003 clip!

Cavuto offered up his own proof after the debate closed.

RESULTS: MSNBC focus group declares Hillary debate LOSER, while Trump tanks on CNN and Fox


Hillary gives bizarre fake laugh leading up to flat punchline, then demands to start clock over

Off the charts on the fake scale. Years of practice?

Crowd can’t keep quiet when Trump nails Hillary about ISIS – watch her pretend to be amused

“I don’t think Gen. Douglas MacArthur would like that too much.”

BAM! Right out of the gate: Release those 33K deleted emails and I’ll release my tax returns

Never gonna happen…

Wealthy black actor urges fellow blacks to boycott work. Twitter points out the obvious problem…

Talk about sticking your foot in your mouth.

Omarosa drops the hammer on MSNBC’s Chris Hayes for dragging out the ‘birtherism’ thing again

Wow- watch @OMAROSA lay the smack down on Hillary lapdog MSNBC’s . . .

Scott Adams, creator of Dilbert, switches from Clinton to Trump
‘Dilbert’ creator Scott Adams creates major buzz: ‘Why I switched my endorsement from Clinton to Trump’

Naturally, the left is hating on the endorsement, managing to mock both Adams and his profession as cartoonist.

Student gets suspended for sharing photo she snapped of school’s dirty water

“The punishment is inappropriate,” Harmala told the station.

Dead people are voting already!

“It’s not a perfect system,” Williams said.

About that Trump debate prep . . . ‘He’s not a poll-tested, scripted robot like Hillary Clinton’

“he can’t fill two minutes on an answer.”

QB Cam Newton’s provocative pre-game attire is another blow to the joys of football

Newton is the league’s current Most Valuable Player,