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Hillary gives bizarre fake laugh leading up to flat punchline, then demands to start clock over

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During the first presidential debate Monday, a subject was brought up that Republican billionaire Donald Trump should know something about — the effect of over-taxing the wealthy.

Clinton responded to Trump’s obvious knowledge of the subject matter with a flat joke and her trademark cackle — which she refers to as a laugh.

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Trump indicated that “with a little leadership,” the trillions of dollars sitting offshore would return to the United States, providing increased jobs and tax revenue.

Clinton claimed that Trump’s reasoning was off-kilter.

“Just join the debate by saying more crazy things,” she said.

Trump wasn’t about to let that one fly.

“There’s nothing crazy about not letting our companies bring their money back into their country,” he shot back.

Clinton must have needed a bit more time to address that one, as her follow-up nervous laughter and stale joke indicated.

“Let’s start the clock again, Lester,” she said, which earned her small laughs from a few audience members.

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