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Crowd can’t keep quiet when Trump nails Hillary about ISIS – watch her pretend to be amused

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Monday night’s highly anticipated presidential debate was full of fireworks.

Donald Trump hit Hillary Clinton hard for her handling of the Middle East crisis which has led to more war and the rise of ISIS.

Trump has been both praised and ridiculed for keeping his plans to fight ISIS close to his vest. He’s been highly critical of President Obama and his administration for giving America’s enemies too much detailed information.

Trump went after Clinton over the issue, reminding viewers a President Clinton would be nothing more than a third term of Obama.

Clinton hammered Trump, claiming he did not have a plan. But he came back swinging.

“No, no. You’re telling the enemy everything you want to do.”

Trump roused the crowd that was supposed to remain silent when he landed a line about Clinton exposing what should be confidential information on her website.

“Go to her website, she tells you how to fight ISIS on her website,” he said. “I don’t think Gen. Douglas MacArthur would like that too much.”


[wpvideo Z1G5Qwaw]


Trump then hit her with a charge that’s been highly criticized.

“No wonder you’ve been fighting ISIS you’re entire adult life.”

Clinton urged viewers to go to the “fact checker,” even though it is obvious he meant she had been fighting terror during her entire career as Secretary of State.


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