Trump - Never Give up: How I Turned My Biggest Challenges into Success
Did Trump literally just game the New York Times into printing his tax returns?

Here’s the biggest tell:

New York Times makes itself the first martyr in the media’s Holy War on Trump

Trump has played the media all along in the presidential race . . .

comey screen shot
‘You are a lawyer Mr Comey!’ Watch Comey face Congress about his sham immunity agreements

FBI Director James Comey was summoned to Congress . . .

Giuliani on Fox and Friends re first presidential debate, Lester Holt and Hillary on constitutionality of stop and frisk
In case you missed it – Giuliani had the most epic post-debate takedown of Lester Holt . . . with a bonus

Just imagine if it came out Donald Trump had failed his real estate test. There would be nothing else on the internet today.

Wealthy black actor urges fellow blacks to boycott work. Twitter points out the obvious problem…

Talk about sticking your foot in your mouth.

Omarosa drops the hammer on MSNBC’s Chris Hayes for dragging out the ‘birtherism’ thing again

Wow- watch @OMAROSA lay the smack down on Hillary lapdog MSNBC’s . . .

Scott Adams, creator of Dilbert, switches from Clinton to Trump
‘Dilbert’ creator Scott Adams creates major buzz: ‘Why I switched my endorsement from Clinton to Trump’

Naturally, the left is hating on the endorsement, managing to mock both Adams and his profession as cartoonist.

Veronica Welsh calls students racist for wearing Trump gear
High school teacher sanctioned for calling Trump-supporting students ‘racists’ on Facebook

Unfortunately, Ms. Welsh rant adds to the growing evidence of liberal teachers displaying their own intolerance in often very public ways.

CNN breathlessly reports that Hillary manages two debate-prep sessions in one day

But at least she didn’t need to be loaded headfirst this time.

‘What if she coughs?’ Rush Limbaugh starts pre-debate debate over how Trump should respond

Is it gentlemanly to let her cough away?