‘You are a lawyer Mr Comey!’ Watch Comey face Congress about his sham immunity agreements

FBI Director James Comey was summoned to Congress to answer more questions on what many Americans see as a sham of an investigation into Hillary Clinton.

The questions were vast and began with the obvious conflict of interest issue. Clinton aide Cheryl Mills, a primary witness in the investigation, was allowed to serve as Clinton’s lawyer.

Comey said their “canons of ethics” would dictate what matters a lawyer could or could not be involved in. “But again the Bureau’s role in conducting a voluntary interview is to interview the subject who they bring is up to them.”

But the point is whether or not one could trust Clinton’s answers. “How can you trust the veracity of secretary Clinton’s answers knowing that witnesses previously interviewed by the FBI were allowed to participate in the interview … In consultation with her quote attorneys who are also witnesses to what was previously done earlier and may in fact have violated the law for which they requested and were granted immunity”

Comey: “Again the answer is the same we make the assessment based on what the witness says and the other evidence we’ve gathered in the case who’s sitting there to me, is not particularly germane.”

He dodged questions and was grilled on the obvious conflict of interest of having Cheryl Mills as a witness in the case against Hillary Clinton’s emails while also serving as Hillary’s attorney—and sit in on Hillary’s own interview.

“That’s question a lawyer has to answer for him or herself,”

[Q]: You’re a lawyer director Comey. What’s your opinion on that?

Comey: “Oh I don’t want to offer an opinion on that but that’s something a lawyer has to decide for themselves.”

Mark Anderson


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