NRA uses Kim Kardashian’s robbery to mock gun control, expose her hypocrisy

The NRA is taking advantage of Kim Kardashian West’s recent assault in Paris . . .

Circuit court to Mike Pence: You’re a racist . . . and no, states can’t refuse Syrian refugees

“Honestly!” the judge bellowed. “You are so out of it! You don’t think there are dangers from other countries?”

Howard Stern slaps CNN on-air for blatantly lying, contacts Donald Trump to clear up false report

“Well, you see what the press does. They make up things!”

NY Times probably didn’t break the law dropping Trump’s tax returns – the other side of the argument

The Times says the returns were ed to them with a return address at Trump Tower in Manhattan.

Trump - Never Give up: How I Turned My Biggest Challenges into Success
Did Trump literally just game the New York Times into printing his tax returns?

Here’s the biggest tell:

New York Times makes itself the first martyr in the media’s Holy War on Trump

Trump has played the media all along in the presidential race . . .

Women’s chess champ stands up to Iran: I’d rather sacrifice my career than wear a hijab

This is a post for those who don’t understand why I am boycotting FIDE’s decision.

State Department-funded nonprofit that John Kerry had ‘no role’ in was founded in his home

The Department of State has funneled than $9 million through the Peace Corps to Seed since 2012 . . .

FBI, DOJ made side deals with 2 Hillary aides to destroy their laptops after inspecting them

“I’m no lawyer but I think James Comey & The FBI just committed SEVERAL FELONIES”

EXPOSED: The Clinton Foundation you’ve never heard of – Bill’s sham charity that caused an uproar

Philanthropy expert Leslie Lenkowsky told TheDCNF that the Red Cross scandal “created a furor.

Air Force announces it will mandate diversity quotas for key positions

” . . . with the goal of ensuring the force isn’t as white, male and heterosexual as it is now.”

Seven facts Politifact got flagrantly wrong while providing cover for Clinton Foundation

Politifact’s editors refused to correct the other seven errors . . .