pirro screen shot
Judge Jeanine does one thing brilliantly: Watch her slay this Black Lives Matter debate

Pirro knows her stuff. There’s no moral equivalency.

Now that the DNC’s over, let’s look at the most absurd elements of their hacked email leak

Things you just won’t see on mainstream media. . .

Local Black Lives Matter group backs GOP senator

“At some point, minority communities must carefully examine the impact of relying solely on the Democratic Sample Ballot on Election Day.”

The Koch Brothers just served Donald Trump another insult … BIG TIME

“Trump donors have been pushing the billionaire brothers to reconsider”…

Liberal actress attacks Blake Shelton for his Trump ‘support,’ but he shuts that down REAL quick

“A lot of people are pulling for him, no matter how”…

Trump turns Bill Clinton’s nap into hilarious video, but it’s the caption that will have you rolling

Donald Trump took a break from campaigning (and Twitter) to post an uproariously funny video directed at former President Bill Clinton, the husband of his Democratic opponent. […]

Can Hillary live up to Obama’s ‘scandal-free’ example? What? Who’s drinking Draino?

Your definition of “scandal-free” must be different from mine.

Sanders campaign staffers seek ‘payback’ against former DNC chair by hitting her where it hurts

Sanders peeps have been on the warpath . . .

ABC reporter catches DNC delegate telling Hillary exactly what she thinks, offers proof

Oh, no she didn’t.

Hillary’s wide-open mouth spreads like wildfire, and everyone’s wondering one thing . . .

File it under “weird news” for sure . . .

Mitt Romney was once head of ‘Never Trump,’ but now he’s weighing in on a Trump ‘win’

“You have to give Donald Trump credit, he was able to bring…”

Video: The American flag falls to the ground and Hillary and her staff IGNORE IT!

Eerie visual is creating a buzz… could this a metaphor for Hillary’s America?