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The Koch Brothers just served Donald Trump another insult … BIG TIME

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On Friday, billionaire Republican donor Charles Koch and billionaire Republican nominee Donald Trump were in Colorado Springs, but their paths never crossed, despite the best efforts of some of Trump’s top donors.

Several Trump donors had tried to set up a meeting between the two, but “Koch aides rejected the entreaties, according to two Republicans with knowledge of the outreach,” Politico reported.

It’s well-known that both Charles Koch and his brother David have been highly critical of Trump’s positions and rhetoric and that neither is supporting his campaign. Of course, Trump didn’t really need their support in the primaries and even used the fact that he wasn’t beholden to “Big Money” as a selling point during the campaign. However, now that the primaries are over and the highly expensive general election has begun, the real estate mogul is going to need all the help he can get, and Republican insiders know it.

After all, Hillary Clinton is expected to spend $1.5 billion to defeat him. (But perhaps that’s what the Kochs want to happen.)

Minnesota media mogul Stanley S. Hubbard and Dallas investor Ray Washburne were among the Trump donors pushing Koch to reconsider, along with businessman and Koch summit attendee Doug Deason, who told Reuters, “We think it’s really important that Donald convince Charles he’s the right guy, and for Charles to influence Donald’s policies.”

Yet, even though both Trump and the Kochs were in the same town for different events, even though top Koch lawyer Mark Holden has already met with Trump campaign staff in New York, even though Koch favorite Mike Pence was Trump’s VP pick, the Koch brothers still refuse to meet with Trump. Instead, according to Republicans familiar with the situation, the Kochs will ignore Trump himself and instead spend money “down ballot.”

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