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Judge Jeanine does one thing brilliantly: Watch her slay this Black Lives Matter debate

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There was no subtly in Jeanine Pirro‘s assertion that the violent Black Lives Matter movement is based on little more than a lie.

“This whole Black Lives Matter movement is based on something that is not true,” Pirro insisted Friday during an appearance on “The O’Reilly Factor.”

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She likened the hate-group’s actions to “vigilante justice” and, going back to Michael Brown’s death in Ferguson, Missouri, reminded viewers that this was the “genesis of Black Lives Matter,” along with Trayvon Martin in Florida.

Pirro accurately noted the popular rally cry born in Ferguson — “hands up, don’t shoot” — was “based on a lie.”

“Michael Brown was a thug who engaged in a strong-arm robbery and reached for a cop’s gun,” she said, adding that “what he did was so outrageous” that no charges were brought against the officer who killed him.

Pirro made the comment while arguing against a moral equivalency between the mothers of young black men killed by cops and the families of officers assassinated in the streets by angry black men.

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Tom Tillison


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