Video: Black history professor imagines a world without whiteness

James Harrison, history professor at Portland Community College, said in a lecture Monday for the college’s April Whiteness History Month that peace in the U.S. is impossible so long as whiteness still exists.

Unreal: Historic new Cuban cruise offered for ALMOST all Americans

Carnival Corporation’s Fathom Travel invites travelers to “make history” by booking the seven-day cruise to three Cuban cities. “Be among the first U.S. travelers to sail to Cuba…

All charges dropped on teens involved in brutal DC metro assault

Authorities dropped charges Thursday on six high school students involved in a brutal assault of a commuter and police officer on the Washington D.C. metro.

Obama uses American Idol, college appearance to tout mandatory voting, pulls race card

Democrats are out in full force pushing the “voter suppression” narrative.

Michele Bachmann TROLLS Hillary on how to use NYC subway in hilarious video

Michele Bachmann took a swipe at Hillary Clinton today after she failed to swipe her New York City subway card correctly.

Hillary adamant she’s not going to jail: Republicans live in ‘world of fantasy’

Hillary Clinton may know something about the FBI’s probe into her emails that the public doesn’t know.

corralled reporters
Hillary irks reporters; blocks them out with noise machine during fundraising speech

When control-freak Hillary Clinton isn’t corralling reporters to keep them away from her, she makes sure they can’t hear a thing she says.

‘It’s called pandering!’ Trump in near disbelief over Hillary’s subway FAIL

Donald Trump is effortlessly proving he’s more New York than Hillary Clinton.

Got tolerance? Hollywood liberals try to remove famous Trump landmark

Just when you thought Hollywood, California, couldn’t get anymore provincial, it does this.

DC conservatives lobby Trump; want frontrunner to support THIS man for SCOTUS

While Judge Merrick Garland, President Obama’s nominee to succeed the late Justice Antonin Scalia, is stuck in limbo, conservatives are courting the presidential hopeful…

Protesters freak out on ‘Students for Trump’; invade meeting, pick fights

There’s nothing liberal social justice warriors love more than infringing on the free speech rights of those who disagree with them.

BLM activist keeps calling black-on-black crime ‘a myth’; puts CNN anchor at wits end

A Black Lives Matter activist claimed Thursday that while black-on-black crime is a “myth,” the movement is nonetheless trying to tackle black-on-black crime.

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