Senator says FBI could leak details on Hillary as Dems face possible ‘indictment AFTER nomination’ scenario

What happens if Hillary Clinton gets indictedafter she wins the Democratic nomination for president?FBI Director James Comey has democrats pondering that question seriously this week. The […]

Hannity blasts ‘mad’ Cruz: ‘Why do you do this? . . . You gotta stop!’

Sean Hannity got into a heated discussion with Republican presidential candidate Texas Sen. Ted Cruz over the nature of the GOP egate allocation process. During Hannity’s syndicated […]

Gay male lion report debunked; guess what libs do to pivot message?

Previous reports by multiple outlets which purported to show two male lions mating has been debunked. These "gay" lions are actually *queer*, thankyouverymuch: — Slate's […]

‘Victory song’ Hillary played after her NY primary win– let’s just say it had folks laughing

Many to to Tuesday night to discuss not only Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton’s primary victory in New York, but the song she chose as she […]

Whole Foods has comeuppance planned for gay activist in Austin who claims he got cake with ‘slur’

A man is being countersued by Whole Foods after trying to accuse the supermarket giant of a homophobic slur. Jordan Brown bought a cake from an Austin, […]

Ben & Jerry’s ice cream founders are arrested in DC– and what they were doing is cherry on top

The co-founders of Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream were arrested in Washington, D.C., along with about 300 others.   It’s true, our co-founders were arrested yesterday. […]

Bernie fans reveal true feelings on Hillary; ‘don’t want to be mean but… she’s the devil’

Fox News contributor and radio talk show host David Webb spe with supporters of Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders at a rally in Brolyn Sunday, getting their […]

Giuliani: Trump should get nomination if close to delegate requirement

Former New York City mayor Rudy Giuliani suggested that Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump should receive the GOP nomination, even if he falls short …

Greta rips greedy government on tax day; want YOUR money, don’t give d**n about waste, fraud

Want hot BPR News stories? Sign up for our morning blastHERE At the end of her show Monday, Greta Van Susteren argued Monday’s filing dead for […]

’60 Minutes’ hacks congressman’s phone using tech company . . . so disturbing!

CBS News program “60 Minutes” reported on how vulnerable cell phones are to hacking in a report filed Sunday.

RNC members angry at Priebus for ‘major breach of trust’ over proposed rule change

Republican National Committee officials have accused chairman Reince Priebus of committing a “major breach of trust” by not considering a new rule that would make it difficult to reopen the presidential nomination for a brand-new nominee.

Dancing Trumps banned! School cuts 11-year-old boys’ Trump-themed talent show performance

Three Massachusetts elementary school boys are being forbidden to perform a Donald Trump-themed dance in a talent show so the school would not be “perceived as biased in some way.”

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