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Dancing Trumps banned! School cuts 11-year-old boys’ Trump-themed talent show performance

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Three Massachusetts elementary school boys are being forbidden to perform a Donald Trump-themed dance in a talent show so the school would not be “perceived as biased in some way.”

During the morning performance of Wednesday’s talent show at Fiske Elementary school in Wellesley, Mass., Christian Mattaliano, Marc Maggiacomo and David Maggiacomo donned Donald Trump masks their parents purchased for them from the online company Fathead, putting on a roughly two-minute dance routine, The Boston Globe reported.

No words were spoken,” mother Laurie Mattaliano said. “It’s just pop culture. The skit took no stance in support or defamation.”

But despite the routine and another one featuring a Trump-Marco Rubio dance off, the trio were told to alter their performance for the evening show or not perform at all.

“They see Trump in the news,” mother Maryellen Maggiacomo said. “There was no political agenda on our boys’ part.”

David Lussier, Wellesley school superintendent, did not tell the Globe who complained or why.  

“I think it’s so important for us to be seen as nonpartisan in a highly charged election environment,” Lussier said. “We wanted to make sure that nothing we are doing would be perceived as biased in some way. You’re not seeing Democratic candidates certainly.”

“A parent took offense to it,” Christine Norcross said, whose son participated in the Rubio/Trump routine, because the skits were critical of the Republican Party, she learned from the principal. “I’m so happy that he even knows who’s running for president.”

Norcross said her son and friends changed their skit to feature Jimmy Fallon and Jimmy Kimmel instead.

“Have an opinion,” Maggiacomo said. “Have a discussion. Isn’t that what we want to have happen in our schools?”

Watch the Trump dancers here:

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