Watch TV reporter help save man from flood moments before car goes under

A local TV reported helped make the difference between life and death for a man caught in dangerous floodwater.

Report: Catholic parishioners accuse Bernie Sanders wife of federal bank fraud, ask DOJ for probe

The past of Bernie Sanders’ wife is catching up to her.

geist screen shot
What the heck? MSNBC has incredibly uncomfortable talk about going to church

In the furtherance of an apparent new-found skill of being able to ascertain truth from fiction, New York magazine editor John Heilemann questioned whether MSNBC’s Willie Geist attends church, resulting in a rather awkward exchange.

Famous feminist has HARSH words for Hillary: ‘Utterly corrupt,’ ‘absolutely soulless,’ ‘incompetent’

Feminist, and professor at the University of the Arts in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Camille Paglia will not be voting for the “soulless” Hillary Clinton despite the fact that she’s a woman.

‘Divergent’ actress touts Bernie supporter with $226K in student loans – she should have stuck to acting

Actress Shailene Woodley may not have realized it, but she captured the very essence of why so many young people back Bernie Sanders … and yes, it has to do with free stuff.

Judge Nap says latest ruling backs Hillary in corner: ‘She’s damned if she does and damned if she doesn’t’

The court permitting Judicial Watch to interview close aides to Hillary Clinton is a very big deal.

Demi Moore, other celebrities get caught in voting slip-up in California

Celebrities are among many Californians who . . .

’60 Minutes’ hacks congressman’s phone using tech company . . . so disturbing!

CBS News program “60 Minutes” reported on how vulnerable cell phones are to hacking in a report filed Sunday.

SNL skit ‘God is a boob man’ is as low as it gets – with only one upside

God is indeed a man!

Future McDonald’s is 6,500-square-feet; offers bottomless fries and NO 15$ per-hour order-takers

The McDonald’s of the future has been revealed — and it doesn’t need $15-an-hour minimum wage order-takers.

Woman puts down tiny baby to pummel armed thief with his own backpack

A gun-toting criminal got more than he bargained for at the hands of a woman carrying a baby.

Samuel L. Jackson drops ‘F-bomb’ in Twitter battle with fan … which has surprising conclusion

His far-left politics aside, it seems Samuel L. Jackson is not all that liberal when it comes to accommodating fans.