Forget Fido! Now anything flies as ‘therapy’ pets thanks to lawsuit fears

A turkey is not what one would expect to see on a flight, especially not in its own seat, but that’s exactly what some travelers have experienced […]

Largest number of Gitmo detainees released in single day; dozens more on the way

Ten Yemeni detainees were released this week from Guantanamo Bay, Cuba detention center and sent to Oman; this represents the largest number of detainees released in a […]

Trump rents movie theater; buys tickets for Iowans to learn ‘truth’ about Benghazi

Donald Trump is giving his Iowa supporters a treat. The Republican presidential front-runner has rented out a movie theater in Urbandale and is giving away free admission […]

Unbelievable posters erected in Swiss city instruct refugees not to harass women

You know your culture has changed when the government needs to produce material explaining that harassing women is not acceptable.

‘Frontier woodsman Grizzly Adams’ actor dies at age 74

Dan Haggerty, star of a 1970s hit film and TV series depicting mountain-man and bear-whispererGrizzly Adams, died Thursday of cancer at age 74. Wiy recognized for his […]

Rudy Giuliani declares who ‘clearly won’ GOP debate’

Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani assessed Thursday’s Republican presidential debate and declared a winner. Giuliani, a former presidential candidate in his own right, appeared on […]

Hillary mocks GOP ‘cowboy diplomacy’; receives prompt online lashing

Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak and to remove all doubt. Democratic presidential front-runner Hillary Clinton ignored that old adage Thursday […]

Anti-pedophilia bill rejected in Pakistan as ‘anti-Islamic’

A bid to ban child marriage in Pakistan utterly failed, after the Council of Islamic Ideology declared the legislation “anti-Islamic”and “blasphemous.”

Former Special Forces soldier responds to ISIS after ‘credible’ threats; FBI not ‘thrilled’

The FBI reached out toSpecial Forces soldier and UFC fighter Tim Kennedy regarding the Islamic State group’s “credible threats” against him. Kennedy said the FBI was“notoverly thrilled” […]

‘Duck Dynasty’ patriarch is singing THIS candidate’s praises; he’s ‘one of us’

“Duck Dynasty” patriarch Phil Robertson announced his 2016 presidential endorsement Wednesday…

Anti-immigrant group under fire; sends busload of male refugees to Merkel’s office

Residents of a small town in Germany havefinallyhad enough and sent a bus full of Syrian refugees toChancellor Angela Merkel’s office to protest her liberal immigrationpolicies. Bavarian […]

Hijab-wearing woman relieved to discover ‘good hosts’ at Trump rally

Inspired by Rose Hamid’s antics at Trump’s rally in South Carolina, Kaddie Abdul decided to try it out for herself at a different eventheld in Nevada last […]

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