Hillary mocks GOP ‘cowboy diplomacy’; receives prompt online lashing

Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak and to remove all doubt.

Democratic presidential front-runner Hillary Clinton ignored that old adage Thursday night and plunged into making fun of Republican candidates during the GOP debate.

She tweeted:

Cowboy diplomacy? Was she referring to the Ronald Reagan years when our allies trusted us, our enemies feared us, and our military knew the president had their backs?

That simple statement unleashed a swarm of snark.

Also Thursday night, Clinton made a “Tonight Show” appearance with host Jimmy Fallon and submitted to doing a job interview. At about the 2:35 mark, Fallon asks Clinton to describe herself in two words.

The first sounds out of her mouth are, “umm, uhh.”

Making reference to her email scandal, which is now the subject of an FBI criminal investigation, the host sarcastically asks Clinton if she has an email address where she can be reached.

Watch the clip via “The Tonight Show” starring Jimmy Fallon.

Ask any supporter what makes Clinton so great and they’ll say ‘she’s so accomplished.’ If you press for particulars, they’ll say ‘she was first lady for eight years, a U.S. senator for another eight years, and secretary of state for four.’

If you point out that those are titles, not accomplishments, they’ll be at a loss for words — and won’t be able to name a single one.


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