Hijab-wearing woman relieved to discover ‘good hosts’ at Trump rally

Hijab Muslim Woman at Trump Rally -- Guardian
source: The Guardian

Inspired by Rose Hamid’s antics at Trump’s rally in South Carolina, Kaddie Abdul decided to try it out for herself at a different event held in Nevada last Sunday.

Wearing a vibrant-orange headscarf, Abdul went to hear and meet for herself the “people the media suggests hate [her]” and to “educate herself” about their beliefs and hopes for America’s future and the next president, the Guardian reports.

She remarked that “it was interesting to hear Trump and his supporters’ viewpoints for more than a few… soundbites,” also commenting that the “bullies and thugs” that are typically “fixtures” must have “took the day off.”

“I felt like they were good hosts,” she remarked, adding that it “was worth it, to me, to recognize their humanity, too.”

Throughout the rally, Abdul came to the realization that Trump’s followers aren’t going anywhere – “Whether Trump wins or loses, his supporters will still be out there, longing for another leader to ‘make America great again.’”

Her experience and observations are telling: Trump’s supporters do not “represent a fringe group of people… we need to see them, and listen to them” because they “aren’t going away.”

No, no they aren’t.



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