‘Not nice, but OK!’ Trump responds to Cruz going negative on him

The Donald Trump v.Ted Cruz battle s have been drawn. The Texas senator appeared on Fox News’ “The Kelly File” Tuesday night following President Obama’s final State […]

Josh Earnest busted by Paul Ryan aide for breaking rules at SOTU

If there is one consistent theme throughout the Obama administration, it would have to be the blatant disregard for the law. …And rules, as seen during Tuesday’s […]

Waffle House employees caught on video doing ‘DISGUSTING’ thing with restaurant equipment

AForrest City, ArkansasWaffle House can expect a sudden downturn in business following the release of a video showing two of its employees doing something thoroughly disgusting with […]

Ordering Starbucks is an ‘implicit bias,’ according to college workshop

Oregon State University (OSU) will be hosting a workshop called “Making the Unknown Known: Exploring Implicit Bias in Everyday Life” as part of a nine-day commemoration of Martin Luther King Jr. The workshop will teach students “to uncover and challenge the implicit biases that contribute to injustice.”

Focus group ‘let out a howl’ in response to this remark made by Obama in SOTU

Pollster Frank Luntz said his GOP focus group literally “let out a howl” in response to President Obama’s remarks on Iran during his State of the Union […]

Al Jazeera makes stunning big announcement about Al Jazeera America

After two years, Al Jazeera has announced it’s throwing in the towel on the United States market. Odds are good that Trump will be blamed for running […]

rowe's friend
What Mike Rowe’s friend does inside a shipping container is spectacular – and now it’s viral

Television personality Mike Rowe, former host of “Dirty Jobs,” posted a video of a friend on social media that has taken the Internet by storm. Seen […]

White House releases Gitmo detainee who promises to come back and ‘kill more Americans’

With President Barack Obama determined to empty out thedetention center at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, before the end of his final term, the release of detainees captured on […]

Watch NJ restaurant workers celebrate for Powerball win for 20 minutes before realizing . . .

What would you do if you won the Powerball? Not long-term plans, but in the immediate aftermath of striking the pot of gold. If you are like […]

Iran releases video of US sailor apologizing: ‘It was a mistake, it was our fault’

Throughout the day Wednesday, videos and pictures have trickled out of Iranian state television of the 10 U.S. sailors that were held after sailing into Iran’s waters. […]

Fact check: Cato’s experts roast Obama’s SOTU and self-professed ‘accomplishments’

The president’s braggadocio was pitted against reality by the Cato Institute’s experts who fact-checked his State of the Union address. They found many of his proclaimed ‘accomplishments’ […]

Social media goes wild with parody pictures after Obama plays tough guy

President Obama spent a significant portion of his final State of the Union address to pat himself on the back. His biggest self praise moment during Tuesday’s […]