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‘Not nice, but OK!’ Trump responds to Cruz going negative on him

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Ted Cruz Kelly FileThe Donald Trump v. Ted Cruz battle lines have been drawn.

The Texas senator appeared on Fox News’ “The Kelly File” Tuesday night following President Obama’s final State of the Union address to offer a rebuttal but the topic quickly turned to Donald Trump.

Host Megyn Kelly asked Cruz if he was behind message-testing phone calls in Iowa to find out what attack platform would be best to use against the Republican presidential front-runner.

Cruz offered a lukewarm denial but Kelly pressed him saying that one of the attack ideas was similar to what Cruz had said prior on the Howie Carr radio show when he insinuated that Trump is a liberal with “New York values.”

“What I’ll say Megyn is four weeks ago, just about every Republican candidate in the field was attacking Donald Trump. Today, just about every Republican candidate in the field is attacking me and that may suggest the race has changed somewhat significantly,” he said.

Cruz said Trump has been kicking off his speeches attacking him, and that Hillary Clinton’s supporters have been amplifying Trump’s attacks on Cruz because, he suggested, Trump is the weaker candidate against Clinton.

“Maybe it has something to do with the fact that Hillary in the national polling beats Donald badly and I’m beating Hillary in the national polling.”

Trump wasted no time in answering back on social media saying it was “not nice” that Cruz wants to “go negative” against him, which is interesting coming from Trump.

Watch Cruz’s interview with Kelly below.

Carmine Sabia


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