What Mike Rowe’s friend does inside a shipping container is spectacular – and now it’s viral

Television personality Mike Rowe, former host of “Dirty Jobs,” posted a video of a friend on social media that has taken the Internet by storm.

Seen more than 1.6 million times as of this writing, it is a video depicting what his friend, David Jeremiah, does inside a huge shipping container.

A tip-off to what the footage captures is that, among Rowe’s many talents, he is a former opera singer — and so is his friend. Impressed or not, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by David’s “performance.”

This is my friend David Jeremiah. Like me, David makes his living behind a microphone. Unlike me, David has an enormous shipping container in his backyard. What he does inside this shipping container is worth a listen.

Posted by Mike Rowe on Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Tom Tillison


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