Fact check: Cato’s experts roast Obama’s SOTU and self-professed ‘accomplishments’

The president’s braggadocio was pitted against reality by the Cato Institute’s experts who fact-checked his State of the Union address.

They found many of his proclaimed ‘accomplishments’ regarding immigration, improved education and energy, and the booming auto industry were not-so-much attributable to him, and in fact, were the product of the very things the president fights against.

Republican congressman Luke Messer summed it up nicely when he stated in an interview with BBC that the president’s portrayal of Obamamerica was a “great jedi mind trick” to hoodwink the American people.

Luckily, not everyone was fooled.

Check out Cato’s video.

Last night, President Obama delivered his final State of the Union address, laying out his goals for the final few…

Posted by The Cato Institute on Wednesday, January 13, 2016


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