Tarantino angers his dad: It’s ‘sickening to me’ what my own son is doing, our cousins are NYPD cops!

Father knows best! Hollywood directorQuentin Tarantinohas drawn the ire of some of those that are closest to himfor leading an ugly charge to bash police officers. Among […]

Cell Phone surveillance
Congress ‘surprised’ IRS is using secret spy technology that tracks cell phones

The senators sent the letter Thursday after news bre that the IRS had spent . . .

Celebrity chef Anthony Bourdain: Every restaurant in America will shut down if Trump is elected

Outspen celebrity chef Anthony Bourdain has a pretty big beef with GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump. Best known for his food and travel hit “No Reservations,” Bourdain […]

Obama admin helps Muslim truck drivers fired for refusing to deliver alcohol – but vilifies pro-marriage clerk!

Two Muslim men just got awarded $240,000 for refusing to do their job and the Obama administration helped them do it. Mahad Abass Mohamed and Abdikarim Hassan […]

Judge-less subpoenas put ‘debilitating burden’ on small businesses

By Kathryn Watson Administrative subpoenas issued by federal bureaucrats without prior approval of a judge can be the kiss of death for Main Street businesses, according to […]

Police arrest suspect in 7 black church fires – and it turns out he’s not a white racist

When historically black churches began going up in sme this month there was wide spread speculation ofracial hate crimes. That conclusion seems to have been dispelled with […]

Rep. Moore: Voter requirements make it hard ‘for people of color’

Can someone please explain, intelligently, how voter requirements discriminate against color? Congresswoman Gwen Moore of Wisconsin fell a little short. H/T: MRC TV

You bet Trump had something to say about how poorly Hillary handled obnoxious protesters

While liberal pundits like Don Lemon were falling all over themselves to chastise Black Lives Matter for interrupting a recent Hillary Clinton campaign speech, Donald Trump to […]

Don Lemon has strong message for Black Lives Matter: ‘GROW UP’

There is no lost between CNN host Don Lemon and Black Lives Matter and his unsolicited advice to them on Friday won’t do anything to change […]

Bob Beckel: Now that Black Lives Matters disrespected Hillary, they’re acting ‘crazy’

Liberal firebrand Bob Beckel thinksBlack Lives Matterprotesters should have sat down and shut up. Speaking with Don Lemon on Friday, Beckel was discussing the group’s hijacking of […]

Students walk out to support fired deputy: ‘Fields was the glue that kept everything together’

In a united show of support for fired deputy and school resource officer Ben Fields, students at Spring Valley High School walked out of their classrooms, some […]

‘The Five’ hosts scold ‘rude’ co-host as Jeb Bush imploding makes some of them testy

Jeb Bush’s imploding presidential candidacy sparked an explosive debate among Fox News hosts on “The Five” this week. Tempers began to flare afterMeghan McCain, the daughter of […]

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