‘The Five’ hosts scold ‘rude’ co-host as Jeb Bush imploding makes some of them testy

Meghan McCainJeb Bush’s imploding presidential candidacy sparked an explosive debate among Fox News hosts on “The Five” this week.

Tempers began to flare after Meghan McCain, the daughter of Arizona senator and former presidential candidate John McCain, argued that while Bush is flawed candidate much of the blame for his sagging poll numbers could be attributed to him having “bad people around him.” Being the “only person that has been on a campaign that imploded and came back from the dead” she believes Bush can make a comeback.

“He needs to clean house with his staff,” she said before her co-host Eric Bolling interrupted her.

“It’s their fault?” Bolling shouted.

“Can I finish?” McCain fired back.

“Yes, Jeb Bush’s messaging is completely off. He’s a bad candidate, he’s a bad campaigner, but I also believe he has bad people around him. If cleaned house and found people that believed in him, I am living proof, that can turn around a campaign,” McCain said, adding that some of the people on Bush’s staff were fired from her father’s campaign.

“This is what we’re gonna strive to?” Bolling said, as co-host Geraldo Rivera pointed out that McCain lost.

“I don’t understand why you’re being so rude,” an exasperated McCain replied.

Watch the entire intense exchange below.

Carmine Sabia


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