‘Manufacturer defect’ cited for toy F-16 singing creepy Islamic chant

For some families Christmas morning suddenly became a little less merry when a children’s F-16 military toy started singing an Islamic chant. On the outside the toy […]

While other nonprofits are running like rats from Cosby, so far Clinton Foundation keeping funds

Birds of a feather, or just plain money-hungry? When accusations of sexual misconduct began surfacing about Bill Cosby, organizations having any association with him began distancing themselves […]

Video: Carnival ride strips woman of pants, boyfriend freaks when she’s not wearing undies

Here’s a valuable lesson for all those who like going “commando,” think about making an exception if you’re planning on attending a carnival. A woman clutching for […]

Couple first to pay for cloned puppies of deceased pet; how much?

In what can only be the beginning of a potentially very dangerous trend, a British couple has poured an enormous amount of money into cloning their deceased […]

Precious moment son salutes casket of father killed in Afghanistan by suicide bomber

New York City held a memorial service for NYPD detective Joseph Lemm Wednesday who, after ing through the wreckage on Sept. 11 for weeks, joined the military to make a difference.

FBI offers $5k reward for anyone with information on who covered Vegas mosque in bacon

The FBI has issued a $5,000 reward for information leading to the perpetrator who committed a so-called hate crime against Muslims in Las Vegas. Video surveillance captured […]

Anti-refugee group’s anthem sparks outrage, so Amazon vows to donate profits to refugees

A German group warning fellow citizens about potential dangers due to the overwhelming amount of foreign refugees who’ve flooded the county have stirred up controversy. The […]

Clint Eastwood’s son posts touching throwback photo of him and his dad

In a refreshing break from today’s generation of perpetual whiners forever in search of a “safe space,” the son of Hollywood legend Clint Eastwood to to social […]

What Obama never learned from Alinsky . . . Milton Friedman schools Donahue on capitalism

Contrary to how the progressive left sees Barack Obama, economist Milton Friedman shot down the utopian vision of a socially engineered just society with a simple observation, […]

Hillary says what Obama won’t about Christians

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton came out Tuesday and proclaimed . . .

Soldier of Benghazi says faith mattered: ‘God and the service kind of go hand-in-hand’

One of the men who helped defend the American outpost in Benghazi, Libya, during the devastating September 11, 2012 terrorist attack said that there’s to the […]

History-making: Proud NYPD dad looks on as ALL 3 of his sons graduate academy at same time

For the first time in its 170 year history, this week the New York City Police Department graduated three brothers from the same police academy class. Their […]

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