Don Lemon has strong message for Black Lives Matter: ‘GROW UP’

There is no love lost between CNN host Don Lemon and Black Lives Matter and his unsolicited advice to them on Friday won’t do anything to change that.

Lemon told fellow host Wolf Blitzer that it’s time for the group to “grow up and start listening” after its latest stunt disrupting a Hillary Clinton rally at Clark Atlanta University in Atlanta on Friday where civil rights icon John Lewis even stepped in to ask them to be respectful.

“If you don’t respect him, who asks you to have some manners at least and listen to Secretary Clinton, then I don’t know who you will listen to,” Lemon told Blitzer. “Listen, I know that Black Lives Matter was formed out of anger. But now they are at the table. And their tactics need to change.”

He said that the group’s juvenile tactics need to to be tabled if they actually want help.

“They need to grow up and start listening,” he said. “Hillary Clinton is an ally. Nothing says black lives don’t matter than shouting down an ally. She wants to help. She’s open. She may very well be the next leader of the free world. You don’t want to shout that person down. You want that person in your corner to take care of your issues.”

Carmine Sabia


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